Latitude and longitude of Ghana

πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­ GH

Ghana latitude longitude

Location GHANA
Latitude 8.00000000
Longitude -2.00000000

What is the latitude and longitude code of Ghana? The latitude of Ghana is 8.00000000, and the longitude is -2.00000000. Geographic coordinates are a way of specifying the location of a place on Earth, using a pair of numbers to represent a latitude and longitude. These coordinates are used to indicate the position of a point on the surface of the Earth, with the latitude representing the distance north or south of the equator and the longitude representing the distance east or west of the prime meridian. By using these coordinates, it is possible to pinpoint the exact location of a place on the globe.

🧭   GPS coordinate of Ghana

Coordinates GHANA
North 8Β° 0' 0" N
East -2Β° 0' 0" E

πŸ—ΊοΈ   UTM coordinate of Ghana

UTM Zone 30P
UTM Northing 886443.57414651
UTM Easting 941143.66122419

πŸ“ Where is Ghana on Map Lat Long Coordinates?

Ghana, Ghana Map
Region Africa
Subregion Western Africa
Country Ghana
Capital Accra
Timezone Africa/Accra
Abbreviation GMT (GMT)

Where is Ghana location on the map of world? Ghana is located in Africa (Western Africa) continent. Exact geographical coordinates, latitude and longitude 8.00000000, -2.00000000. Mapped location of Ghana (N 8Β° 0' 0", E -2Β° 0' 0"). Ghana is located in the time zone GMTGMT.

Cities of Ghana GEO Codes

City Latitude Longitude
Ahafo latitude and longitude 7.58213720 -2.54974630
Ashanti latitude and longitude 6.74704360 -1.52086240
Bono latitude and longitude 7.65000000 -2.50000000
Bono East latitude and longitude 7.75000000 -1.05000000
Central latitude and longitude 5.50000000 -1.00000000
Eastern latitude and longitude 6.50000000 -0.50000000
Greater Accra latitude and longitude 5.81428360 0.07467670
North East latitude and longitude 10.51666700 -0.36666700
Northern latitude and longitude 9.50000000 -1.00000000
Oti latitude and longitude 7.90000000 0.30000000
Savannah latitude and longitude 9.08333300 -1.81666700
Upper East latitude and longitude 10.70824990 -0.98206680
Upper West latitude and longitude 10.25297570 -2.14502450
Volta latitude and longitude 6.57813730 0.45023680
Western latitude and longitude 5.50000000 -2.50000000
Western North latitude and longitude 6.30000000 -2.80000000
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Guernsey and Alderney Latitude and Longitude ↑ N 4,611 Km 49.46666666 -2.58333333
Peru Latitude and Longitude ← W 8,433 Km -10 -76
French Polynesia Latitude and Longitude ← W 15,380 Km -15 -140
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