Latitude and longitude of Nicaragua

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Nicaragua latitude longitude

Latitude 13.00000000
Longitude -85.00000000

What is the latitude and longitude code of Nicaragua? The latitude of Nicaragua is 13.00000000, and the longitude is -85.00000000. Geographic coordinates are a way of specifying the location of a place on Earth, using a pair of numbers to represent a latitude and longitude. These coordinates are used to indicate the position of a point on the surface of the Earth, with the latitude representing the distance north or south of the equator and the longitude representing the distance east or west of the prime meridian. By using these coordinates, it is possible to pinpoint the exact location of a place on the globe.

🧭   GPS coordinate of Nicaragua

Coordinates NICARAGUA
North 13° 0' 0" N
East -85° 0' 0" E

🗺️   UTM coordinate of Nicaragua

UTM Zone 16P
UTM Northing 1442473.7598872
UTM Easting 1042830.503363

📍 Where is Nicaragua on Map Lat Long Coordinates?

Nicaragua, Nicaragua Map
Region Americas
Subregion Central America
Country Nicaragua
Capital Managua
Timezone America/Managua
Abbreviation CST (CST)

Where is Nicaragua location on the map of world? Nicaragua is located in Americas (Central America) continent. Exact geographical coordinates, latitude and longitude 13.00000000, -85.00000000. Mapped location of Nicaragua (N 13° 0' 0", E -85° 0' 0"). Nicaragua is located in the time zone GMTCST.

Cities of Nicaragua GEO Codes

City Latitude Longitude
Boaco latitude and longitude 12.46928400 -85.66146820
Carazo latitude and longitude 11.72747290 -86.21584970
Chinandega latitude and longitude 12.88200620 -87.14228950
Chontales latitude and longitude 11.93947170 -85.18940450
Estelí latitude and longitude 13.08511390 -86.36301970
Granada latitude and longitude 11.93440730 -85.95600050
Jinotega latitude and longitude 13.08839070 -85.99939970
León latitude and longitude 12.50920370 -86.66110830
Madriz latitude and longitude 13.47260050 -86.45920910
Managua latitude and longitude 12.13916990 -86.33767610
Masaya latitude and longitude 11.97593280 -86.07334980
Matagalpa latitude and longitude 12.94984360 -85.43755740
North Caribbean Coast latitude and longitude 13.83944560 -83.93208060
Nueva Segovia latitude and longitude 13.76570610 -86.53700390
Río San Juan latitude and longitude 11.47816100 -84.77333250
Rivas latitude and longitude 11.40234900 -85.68457800
South Caribbean Coast latitude and longitude 12.19185020 -84.10128610
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