Latitude and longitude of Piacenza

🇮🇹 Italy (IT)

Piacenza (Italy) latitude longitude

Latitude 44.82631120
Longitude 9.52914470

What is the latitude and longitude code of Piacenza? The latitude of Piacenza, Italy is 44.82631120, and the longitude is 9.52914470. Piacenza is located at Italy country in the states place category with the gps coordinates of 44° 49' 34.72'' N and 9° 31' 44.921 E. Geographic coordinates are a way of specifying the location of a place on Earth, using a pair of numbers to represent a latitude and longitude. These coordinates are used to indicate the position of a point on the surface of the Earth, with the latitude representing the distance north or south of the equator and the longitude representing the distance east or west of the prime meridian. By using these coordinates, it is possible to pinpoint the exact location of a place on the globe.

🧭   GPS coordinate of Piacenza, Italy

Coordinates PIACENZA
North 44° 49' 34.72" N
East 9° 31' 44.921" E

🗺️   UTM coordinate of Piacenza, Italy

UTM Zone 32T
UTM Northing 4969717.1307667
UTM Easting 778990.93215298

📍 Where is Piacenza, Italy on Map Lat Long Coordinates?

Piacenza, Italy Map
Region Europe
Subregion Southern Europe
Country Italy
Type Province
Timezone Europe/Rome
Abbreviation CEST (CET)
Cities of Piacenza ➞ Italy GEO Codes
City Distance Latitude Longitude
Not found! Piacenza N/A N/A N/A
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