Latitude and longitude of Chagang Province

🇰🇵 North Korea (KP)

Chagang Province (North Korea) latitude longitude

Latitude 40.72028090
Longitude 126.56211370

What is the latitude and longitude code of Chagang Province? The latitude of Chagang Province, North Korea is 40.72028090, and the longitude is 126.56211370. Chagang Province is located at North Korea country in the states place category with the gps coordinates of 40° 43' 13.011'' N and 126° 33' 43.609 E. Geographic coordinates are a way of specifying the location of a place on Earth, using a pair of numbers to represent a latitude and longitude. These coordinates are used to indicate the position of a point on the surface of the Earth, with the latitude representing the distance north or south of the equator and the longitude representing the distance east or west of the prime meridian. By using these coordinates, it is possible to pinpoint the exact location of a place on the globe.

🧭   GPS coordinate of Chagang Province, North Korea

North 40° 43' 13.011" N
East 126° 33' 43.609" E

🗺️   UTM coordinate of Chagang Province, North Korea

UTM Zone 52T
UTM Northing 4507858.2681615
UTM Easting 547474.03132508

📍 Where is Chagang Province, North Korea on Map Lat Long Coordinates?

Chagang Province, North Korea Map
Region Asia
Subregion Eastern Asia
Country North Korea
Type N/A
Timezone Asia/Pyongyang
Abbreviation KST (KST)
Cities of Chagang Province ➞ North Korea GEO Codes
City Distance Latitude Longitude
Changgang-gun Latitude and Longitude 41 Km 41.06333000 126.72556000
Chasŏng Latitude and Longitude 83 Km 41.46083000 126.64139000
Kanggye Latitude and Longitude 28 Km 40.96946000 126.58523000
Manp’o Latitude and Longitude 53 Km 41.15472000 126.28944000
Other States Latitude & Longitude Codes in North Korea 🇰🇵
State Distance Latitude Longitude
South Hwanghae Province Latitude and Longitude 295 Km 38.20072150 125.47819260
Kangwon Province Latitude and Longitude 225 Km 38.84323930 127.55970670
North Pyongan Province Latitude and Longitude 133 Km 39.92556180 125.39280250
Pyongyang Latitude and Longitude 199 Km 39.03921930 125.76252410
South Pyongan Province Latitude and Longitude 156 Km 39.35391780 126.16827100
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Ecuador Latitude and Longitude 15,077 Km -2 -77.5
French Polynesia Latitude and Longitude 11,373 Km -15 -140
Lithuania Latitude and Longitude 7,043 Km 56 24
Sint Maarten Latitude and Longitude 13,406 Km 18.033333 -63.05
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